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When it comes to great beauty sleep, eating the right foods can be the difference between wide awake and fast asleep. It's best not to eat a big meal close to bedtime, so your body can use its precious energy for rest and repair rather than digestion. But a late-night snack isn't out of the question. Eating a light snack that's rich in serotonin-boosting amino acids can help you achieve a better night's rest. This works especially well for those who eat many small meals throughout the day and wake up hungry or with low blood sugar during the night. Try a snack that contains complex carbs or protein, like a banana, a small cup of oatmeal, some smoked salmon, a hardboiled egg, or a cup of miso soup.

Tart cherry juice is a known melatonin-booster that also helps you fall asleep, and nutmeg (try it in a glass of warm almond milk) helps lull you to sleep as well. Stay away from sugar or dark chocolate that can keep you awake or send your blood sugar crashing during the night.

Do you snack before bed?

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