On My Skin in April...Napa Organics



Agribeauty. (ag-ri-byoo-tee)


1. The pared-down luxury and natural elegance of Napa, California.

2. The word Napa Organics founder Hilary Glass coined to describe the line of organic products she created on the Napa farmland that's been in her family for generations.

I had the chance to check out the lovely line of Napa Organics products (so pretty that you'll want to show them off in your bathroom or guest room), and had to share them with you this month. They're the perfect replacements for the conventional, toxic products you're tossing out during spring cleaning!

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Green Nail Salon Standards? Says Who?

Last week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors introduced an ordinance that, if passed, could enable San Francisco nail salons to qualify for a 'green seal' if they chose to stock less toxic nail products. My question is, who gets to decide which products truly qualify as safe?

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