Green Tea: The Wrinkle Blocker?

green tea

green tea

We already know that green tea is a healthy sip (packed with antioxidants) that also helps keep you slim, thanks to a little metabolism boost.

But Dr. Nicolas Perricone's latest book, Forever Young (more on this fantastic read later), gives us another beautiful reason to keep sipping green tea: wrinkle prevention.

Dr. Perricone writes:

"The EGCG in tea prevents the activation of collagen-digesting enzymes known as matrix metalloproteinase. This is a critical function because these enzymes are responsible for wrinkling of the skin."

EGCG is a catechin in green tea that is believed to hold its health benefits. And Dr. Perricone confirms that catechins like EGCG actually have the ability to control gene expression.

Drink a soothing cup of green tea and prevent skin wrinkles? It's a beauty no-brainer.