Sweet Holiday Beauty Snack: Raw Gingerbread Bites

raw-gingerbread-bites-holiday beauty-food.png

It's the holiday countdown. You're wrapping presents, baking sweets and cooking course after course of your seasonal feast. Where do you get your energy while you work? If you're anything I was, you're thinking about dipping your spoon in to the cookie batter, or grabbing handfuls of chocolate chips straight out of the bag. Maybe you'll also devour a candy cane or two.

But I've got something WAY better for you this year. Take a few quick minutes to make these Raw Gingerbread Bites and keep them close at hand as you cook, clean and create your perfect holiday.

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A Skin-Friendly Version of the Classic Choco-Chip Cookie

While most sweets can't be called skin-friendly, these wheat-free chocolate chip cookies by Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, get a pass for being a healthier version of a classic that you can serve as an occasional treat.

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