On My Skin in October: The Honest Co.

I took the phrase 'babying your skin' a bit literally this month, and became obsessed with The Honest Co.

My husband and I don't yet have a need for The Honest Co.'s diapers, wipes and bottles, but after one use I was personally hooked on the extra-gentle body oil and hair conditioning mistthese products are definitely not just for kids!

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Jessica Alba Advocates for The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011

Jessica Alba has become a vocal supporter of The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011. Here's what she has to say about chemicals in our household products...and my thoughts on what else she could do to improve public health.

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Jessica, Gwyneth, Ellen & More Talk Beauty Nutrition

Celebrities may be lining up to put their flawless faces behind the latest fragrances, mascaras and other mainstream beauty products, but it's not those products that are giving them their long-term health and radiance- it's their personal nutrition and wellness!

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