Don't Miss A Night for Green Beauty Sept 4 in NYC!

night-for-green-beauty 9.25.56 PM.jpg

Next Wednesday, the place to be in beauty won't be backstage at the fashion shows in Lincoln Center. It won't be at the world's largest Sephora in Shanghai, nor will it be in the top secret labs of L'Oreal or Revlon.

The place to be in beauty on Wednesday September 4th will be in NYC's Flatiron District, at the James Corbett Studio, from 5 to 9 pm.


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My Favorite Mask: ScarJo's Obsessed Too!


If you're a regular reader of Beauty Is Wellness, you know that I'm obsessed with enzyme exfoliants. They leave your skin smooth and glowing without the scrubbing, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Of all the enzyme exfoliants out there, the simplest, most effective mask is one ingredient only: raw honey.

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Beauty Ingredient 101: Prickly Pear

The prickly pear is skyrocketing in popularity as a natural beauty ingredient! Here's what you need to know about eating this sweet fruit as a beauty food, and getting the benefits of its prized seed oil in your natural beauty routine.

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GIVEAWAY: Start 2012 with a Basket of Natural Beauty!

Beauty Is Wellness is giving you some incentive to toss the old stuff that's not doing your body one lick of good: a great big, amazing natural beauty giveaway! I'm talking more than $500 worth of products to restock the holes in your cabinet. So who's ready to start 2012 with a basket FULL of natural beauty?

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