Eat Pretty Spring Detox with Free People

If you're looking for a bit more energy, glow, and lightness this spring, follow along with the 4-week spring detox series I've created for Free People, over on their Bldg 25 blog (a great site for fashion, beauty and wellness inspiration, btw!).

This series is all about detoxing gently, with nutrition and simple shifts in your routine (no juice cleanses or fasting necessary) to support your body's own natural detoxification channels, which are turned on and turned up during the spring season. You'll learn how to add more detox-supportive nutrients into your diet, flush out waste, and prevent some of the biggest sources of toxins from re-entering your body The goal, as always, is to get you looking and feeling your best from the inside out. I hope you enjoy it!

Here are links to the series posts:

Week 1: Go Green

Week 2: Hot Water Hydration

Week 3: Paring Down

Week 4: Detox Your Environment

Happy spring!

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