The First Sunscreen I Actually WANT to Apply

Summer essentials.

Summer essentials.

Ever since my first week on the job as a beauty editor, I've had the importance of SPF protection drilled home by beauty brand after beauty brand, and dermatologist after dermatologist. But I find that real women, despite generally wanting to get on board with daily sunscreen, are all over the map in terms of their usage. Going without sunscreen is sacrilege to some, while others avoid the stuff unless there's a real threat of sunburn. I can't count how many times someone has asked me for advice on a natural everyday SPF after confiding, in hushed tones, "I'm so ashamed, but I don't wear one."

And I get it. I have the same struggles and frustrations with daily SPF usage.  We all want skin cancer protection, and we fully support protection against premature aging as well. But...we also want SPF to fit into our busy routine, not make us break out, and, if it's not too much to ask, feel good on our skin.

Finally, someone has hit that mark.

Is it any surprise that it's Kari Gran? I wish you could have seen me freaking out over the arrival of the July Beauty Heroes box, which features Kari Gran Skincare's brand new, broad spectrum Three Sixty Five: an SPF 28 serum-like sunscreen that aligns my desire to have my skin feel good today with my desire to stay skin cancer-free and free of excessive sun damage in the future. It's like Kari's finally allowing us to have it all. (PS Kari also let me design my dream Lip Whip—so she's kind of like my natural beauty fairy godmother!).

Here's what you get with the amazing new Three Sixty Five:

  • Broad spectrum physical SPF 28 protection from non-nano zinc oxide. This definitely leaves somewhat of a whitish cast on the skin, but it's minimal, and easily covered by a light dusting of mineral powder. For darker skin tones, consider mixing with your foundation, if you wear one.
  • The most amazing lineup of antioxidant-rich oils. These enhance the SPF protection of zinc oxide, while nourishing the skin so that it bounces back faster after sun exposure. Everything from red raspberry seed oil to French plum oil, to macadamia, kukui nut, avocado, and jojoba.
  • A serum-like formula that absorbs so fully into skin, and feels amazing. No problem layering with makeup, or wearing alone.
Three Sixty Five before (left) and after (right) application.

Three Sixty Five before (left) and after (right) application.

To purchase the (limited quantity!) July Beauty Heroes box, which also includes a bonus 3-piece Kari Gran Skincare kit, sign up for Beauty Heroes here (full disclosure: I will get a small commission from your purchase). This expert curated box is totally unlike any others, and it honestly brings me so much joy month after month. Or grab a bottle of Three Sixty Five from the Beauty Heroes store ($48) and totally transform your daily SPF. Thank you Kari and Beauty Heroes for making this summer so kind to my skin!

PS The Beauty Heroes store also features my other favorite (also life-changing) SPF product: Suntegrity 5-in-1! Beauty Heroes knows where it's at:)