Ojas: The Secret to Radiant Beauty?


You've heard me talk about the importance of good digestion for optimal beauty many times before, since your digestive system breaks down and assimilates all of the glow-boosting nutrients you take in when you eat beautifying foods. Of course you want to max out the benefits in every bite of beauty food, and healthy digestion allows you to do that. But a few months ago I stumbled on yet another convincing reason why good digestion is at the heart of your beauty—it's called ojas.

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Ayurvedic Beauty: What Does Your Dosha Say About Your Skin?

The teachings of the Indian ancient practice of Ayurveda have been getting lots of attention lately for their sage wisdom, and effective solutions for dealing with age-old health and beauty issues. Here's what you need to know to use your own dosha, or mind-body type, to be your most beautiful, healthy and balanced.

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