Autumn's Perfect Beauty Fruit


Just as blueberries and peaches are starting to disappear from local markets, we’re heading into the high season for one extremely powerful beauty fruit: apples.

What makes the apple a perfect fall fruit for our looks?

Its unique combination of cooling, cleansing and nourishing properties gives our bodies a balancing fall treat each time we eat one. Fall is the season to explore apple varieties beyond Red Delicious, Gala and Granny Smith; get creative, and choose organic varieties to support your beauty and body.

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ResVitale's New Skin, Hair & Nail-Enhancing Supplement

Thick, radiant hair and strong, flexible nails: those who have them were born lucky- right? Not so. Enter to win ResVitale's new Keratin Enhance supplement to strengthen the health of your own hair, skin and nails.

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Beauty Ingredient 101: Sea Buckthorn

Exotic, orange sea buckthorn berries originate in the Himalayas, making them precious and hard to obtain. But they're well worth the trouble to seek them out, for both their inner and outer beauty benefits!

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In a Fog? Try These 5 Foods for Your Sharpest Mind

Last time you just couldn't quite concentrate on the task at hand, did you ever consider that your diet might have been the culprit? Just as sugary, refined carbohydrate foods can cause a drop in blood sugar that rolls out the brain fog, there are other foods that enhance your memory and brain function.

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