Best Foods to Eat for the Skin Issues You're Seeing

What foods should you reach for if your skin concern is acne? How about dullness, dryness, discoloration or wrinkles? Rosacea or eczema? Don't miss this excellent Shape article on the foods to eat—and avoid—to target major skin conditions from the inside out. I chatted with Shape for this info-packed piece, and hope that it inspires you to add (or remove) some foods that can truly impact the skin you see in the mirror!

READ: The 8 Best Foods for Skin Conditions

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A Skin-Friendly Version of the Classic Choco-Chip Cookie

While most sweets can't be called skin-friendly, these wheat-free chocolate chip cookies by Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, get a pass for being a healthier version of a classic that you can serve as an occasional treat.

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7 Unlikely Beauty Foods

For many of us beauty foodies, the nourishment that makes our skin glow in a 'what's her secret?' kind of way is found in some rather ugly, stinky, pungent foods. Nope, beauty foods can't always be dark chocolate and raspberries...

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Doctors Are 'Prescribing' Produce–Should Your Dermatologist?

What if doctors really did prescribe whole foods to complement other treatments and prescriptions? And what if your dermatologist gave you a prescription for skin-clearing, body-balancing foods instead of a dangerous prescription for Accutane?

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