Beauty Ingestible Road Test Part 3: Fountain

I recently had the opportunity to celebrate Free People's new beauty + wellness lineup at a launch event in Nashville. The super cool and gorgeous (and also incredibly nice) Free People crowd came out to shop and sample and dance and drink (ingestible beauty cocktails, of course). I created a few drink recipes for the event using some of the top beauty ingestible brands to grace Free People's shelves. For the first and second post in this series, check out The Beauty Chef, and Moon Juice.

This time I'm trying out Fountain, a line of liquid beauty supplements (named 'Molecules') out of the UK.

You can read even more about my test of Fountain in my post for Free People's Bldg 25 blog

What you need to know about Fountain: This UK brand launched across the pond a few years ago, and quickly became hotter than hot. Fountain claims that it sells a supplement every 11 seconds. The brand's liquid formulas are said to allow their nutrition to absorb quickly and easily.

How to consume: I tested Fountain The Beauty Molecule, which has a pomegranate flavor, and The Glow Molecule, which has a slightly floral 'acai' flavor. The Glow Molecule was definitely my favorite, as it is subtle enough to pair well with a range of of other flavors, it's much more palatable, and offers one of the most important antioxidants for anti-aging: glutathione. You can take Fountain liquid Molecules alone (2 tsp is a serving), or mix them with water or another liquid like herbal tea, as I did in the recipe below. After testing, I'd say that these supplements are not something you take for the taste; rather, you shoot them back for the beauty benefits and chase with something else.

Love it for: The Glow Molecule gets major props for its delivery of glutathione, the body's 'master antioxidant' that slows the aging process and regenerates antioxidant vitamins C and E in the body. Our natural production of glutathion slows as we age, so this is one way to supplement (the other is to eat more glutathione-producing foods).

Cost: $50 USD for 8oz (a bit less than a month's worth of servings)

Calm + Glowing Elixir

This soothing, floral tea calms the senses while supporting youthful, glowing skin with the powerful antioxidant glutathione.

Serves 1

Stir together and serve chilled.