Eat Pretty & My Summer Snack Picks in InStyle!

Ever have one of those moments that really makes you stop and reflect? Maybe you run into an old friend or come across a photograph ( photo?), and suddenly you're aware of the passage of time. It hits you that dozens and dozens of tiny changes have taken you from point A to point Z in your life— so far away from where you've been!

I'm feeling that right now.

The May 2014 issue of InStyle features my new book Eat Pretty in the What's Now! section (I think that means it's a must-have!). This would be exciting for anyone, but it's especially meaningful to me, since I spent years working at InStyle, both in the fashion closet and the beauty department. InStyle is where I nurtured my love of fashion and catapulted my career in beauty, among a team of writers, editors and design pros who are simply the best in the biz. To see my own book in its pages really makes my journey from staff writer to health coach and entrepreneur come full circle for me.

Thank you InStyle!

Check out the issue (I also contributed to the awesome 2014 Best Beauty Buys story!) and get a head start on summer snacking to stay slim, glowing and protected from the sun's rays in the season ahead. I personally can't wait to read the interview with Cameron Diaz (her new title The Body Book is on my wish list!).

Here's the story...

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