Saturday Morning Beauty Breakfast


Pancakes are a weekend tradition, but I got used to forgoing them in favor of healthier breakfast dishes. That is, until I created these Banana Buckwheat Pancakes, rich in skin-clearing beauty minerals, omega-3s and protein. They're low glycemic (which prevents aging skin and breakouts) and gluten free, with their own natural sweetness (though a drizzle of maple syrup is hard to resist).

Check out the recipe in Eat Pretty, available for preorder now and in stores on February 25th!

Healthy Fats that Support Youthful Skin

Healthy fats are necessary for healthy bodies- especially brain function and beautiful skin. There is no reason to believe that indulging in some avocado is going to pack on the pounds. Which fats are the best for your beauty? Check out these healthy sources of skin-smoothing fats...

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