Win a Whole Foods Gift Card and Vitamix Blender!

Epic giveaway alert!

I'm so excited to announce that I've gathered together a collection of key tools for beauty—and you can win them, along with a copy of Eat Pretty Every Day, this January.

Here's what's being given away—just what you need to make 2017 your most beautiful year yet:

  • a copy of Eat Pretty Every Day & limited edition frame-able recipe print
  • a $200 Whole Foods Market gift card (one of my favorite places to shop for beautifying food!)
  • A Vitamix 5200 Series blender (one of my favorite kitchen tools!)

It's all available to win in the 2017 'New Year, New You' Eat Pretty giveaway. And it's super-simple to enter: just enter your info on the giveaway page here:

US residents can enter to win this amazing package of beautifying tools until January 27th, 2017. Giveaway sponsored in part by Whole Foods Market.

FREE Beauty School Events at Whole Foods Market Philadelphia Stores!

Spring is on its way, and I'm helping Whole Foods Market celebrate spring AND 'beauty week' with two info-packed, Eat Pretty-approved Beauty School events. Come join me to learn and taste your way to radiant beauty this spring!

Seats are super-limited for these free events, so follow these links for all the details, and the prompts to sign up:

Whole Foods South Street, Friday, 3/20 at 9:30am:

Whole Foods Callowhill, Sunday, 3/22 at 3:30pm:


Whole Foods Debuts a New Way to Rate Your Produce

The criteria I use for judging my produce has seriously evolved in my years of grocery shopping. Where I once sought some combination of the cheapest or best-looking fruit and veggies in the market, I've learned to look for organic, accepting its higher prices and more frequent imperfections. Today Whole Foods begins pushing our collective produce considerations a few steps further, with a new rating system that takes into account factors like water conservation, worker wages, overall sustainability and waste. Of course, organic will still be a major focus, but Whole Foods will also weigh the use of certain pesticides—those that they deem prohibited or restricted, vs others that are less so.

Other factors measured in the new Whole Foods Market system:

  • sustainability
  • pest management
  • pollinator protection
  • worker wages
  • water conservation and protection
  • soil health
  • ecosystems
  • biodiversity
  • waste, recycling and packaging
  • energy
  • climate

According to Whole Foods, "The ratings will also reward suppliers for certification by a number of leading social and environmental standards including:  Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Protected Harvest, and Demeter Biodynamic certification."

What you'll see in-store is a 'good,' 'better' or 'best' rating on produce and flowers:

What do you think of the new rating system? Do you feel like it will help you make more informed produce choices?

Produce photo via Aaron van Dorn

On My Skin in January...Nourish

I had a chance to try some outer skin nourishment this month, with the USDA certified organic beauty brand Nourish, and I found at least one product that I'll be buying again and again: a fab organic deodorant.

If you're a regular reader of Beauty Is Wellness, you know that I talk a lot about foods that nourish skin from the inside out. And you also know that the beauty ingredients you put on your skin are kind of like food as well, since they end up inside your body.

I had a chance to try some outer skin nourishment this month, with the USDA certified organic beauty brand Nourish, and I found at least one product that I'll be buying again and again: a fab organic deodorant that I encourage you all to pick up if you need a serious alternative to your old aluminum-containing deodorant and antiperspirant formulas. At $8, Nourish Organic Deodorant is a worthy buy, and it's easy to find at Whole Foods and at

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Eat Pretty Tonight with Easy Soups

It's quite simple to whip up skin-friendly soups at home with whatever combo or beans, grains and vegetables you have in the fridge. I love the illustrated graphic recipe on how to make a simple soup at home, courtesy of Whole Foods.

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The Scoop on Safer Feminine Care Products

I don't like to dwell on my period, but there's a few very good reasons to look more closely at feminine care products. Skip the exposure to bleach, fragrance and pesticides in your mos sensitive of spots and try these affordable, natural alternatives.

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Two Simple, Skin-Balancing Masks to Make at Home

When it's time to regain control of your skin, I recommend these two do-it-yourself masks. Use them whenever your skin is unruly. And for a fantastic store-bought mask, check out the end of the post.

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Whole Foods to Crack Down on Greenwashing in 2011

The USDA may not have control over personal care products, but Whole Foods is stepping in to make sure that consumers are getting what they think- no greenwashing allowed.

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