Best Foods to Eat for the Skin Issues You're Seeing

What foods should you reach for if your skin concern is acne? How about dullness, dryness, discoloration or wrinkles? Rosacea or eczema? Don't miss this excellent Shape article on the foods to eat—and avoid—to target major skin conditions from the inside out. I chatted with Shape for this info-packed piece, and hope that it inspires you to add (or remove) some foods that can truly impact the skin you see in the mirror!

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Your Anti-Inflammatory Beauty Nutrition Guide

Chronic inflammation plays a huge role in advancing the signs of aging that we try so hard to prevent: wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, loss of collagen– you get the picture. So how can we put out the inflammation fire? As you might expect, diet is a key piece in the puzzle...

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