5 Beautiful Ways to Start Every Day


Too often we spring out of bed when the alarm sounds (unless you are a snoozer), hit the shower, pull together clothes & makeup and dash out the door on our way to the office. If we're lucky, we fit in a pitstop for coffee along the way.  This month, try getting up 15 minutes earlier (yes, that could mean hitting the sack 15 minutes earlier too- try it!) and doing one positive, nurturing thing for yourself before you head out to face the world. You'll be setting the tone- and even your mood-for the entire day.

Take a look at the top 5 things that you can do to treat yourself well in the a.m.:

1. Meditate. Move gently from your bed and find a quiet, sunny space to awaken your body to the day. Start your day at peace, and you'll find that you carry peace with you wherever you go!

2. Sip warm tea or water with lemon. Lemon water in particular stimulates the body's detoxifying and cleansing properties, preparing you for all the nutritious food you'll eat today (see #4)!

3. Practice yoga. A ten-minute yoga session gently awakens your body, stretches your muscles and gets your blood flowing. Take time for a few poses and you'll feel the nurturing, pampering effects of treating your body well. 

4. Eat dinner for breakfast. Don't just remember to have breakfast- make an effort to feed your body nourishing foods that will give you energy and focus. Ditch bagels or muffins for whole grains, vegetables (even greens like kale) and other savory foods you might not consider to be 'breakfast' items. And if savory's not your thing, try juicing veggies or blending greens powder into a smoothie with fruits you love- and notice how you feel.

5. Give yourself a natural mini-facial. Ten minutes is enough to exfoliate and moisturize your skin so that it glows even without makeup. As an occasional treat, use Organic Apoteke's Detox Face Mask (a favorite of Spirit Demerson of Spirit Beauty Lounge- for good reason!), which will leave your skin looking radiant and feeling soft for days. Follow with your favorite natural moisturizer.