Beauty Ingredient 101: DMAE

Summer food, rose colored fish steak in a wine marinade

If anti-aging news is on your radar, you've probably heard of the naturally-occurring substance DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol. The question is, should you check it out?

Taken as a supplement, DMAE is said to support memory and problem solving functions by increasing the body's production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.  On top of this, DMAE is fast-becoming common in skin care products like serums and creams for its ability to improve skin tone and firmness and give the face a tightened appearance. According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a strong advocate of DMAE, applying it topically minimizes wrinkles and firms the face, neck and eye area, with the effects lasting for about 12 hours. DMAE is growing in popularity because it doesn't cause an uncomfortable sensation in the skin when applied (though it may tingle slightly at first). "DMAE is your magic bullet for great skin tone, keeping your face firm and contoured. It prevents and reverses what is clinically known as 'anatomical loss of position,' commonly known as sagging," says Perricone in his book The Perricone Prescription.

But the jury's still out, as the evidence on DMAE is not yet substantial enough to be conclusive. "Despite some promising preliminary studies, subsequent research failed to confirm that DMAE had any effect," says Dr. Andrew Weil.

Bottom line- if you are concerned about wrinkles and sagging skin, DMAE is worth a try for its potential to change your skin's appearance naturally. And for overall anti-aging benefits, you can reap the natural benefits of DMAE by by consuming salmon, a wonderful source of nutrition for your skin and your body anyway!