Control Your Genes- With Nutrition?


Check out this nutrition thought of the day, from T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., author of the stunning book The China Study:

"...We have failed to understand the scientific fundamentals of nutrition. Not one medical school in the nation adequately teaches this science, although a few give it lip service. Still worse is the failure of federal funding agencies to recognize nutrition as a legitimate medical science...Unequivocal evidence now exists to show that nutrition, when provided by the use of whole, plant-based foods, can control the expression of our mischievous genes that otherwise would lead to serious ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, certain autoimmune diseases and many lesser ailments….Physician colleagues of mine, including Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., Dean Ornish, Roy Swank and Neal Barnard have now published peer-reviewed findings showing this kind of nutrition not only to prevent serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and related ailments but to treat them into remission."

-via "It's Time for an NIH Institute of Nutrition"

It's incredible to know that you're setting the course of your body and your beauty with every bite!

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