Dr. Alkaitis: Clean Digestion=Radiant Skin

I love this bit of holistic beauty advice from Dr. Saulius A. Alkaitis, prominent research scientist and founder of the natural Dr. Alkaitis beauty line, which developed quite a following long before natural beauty hit the mainstream. Here's what he had to say to style.com about beauty nutrition:

This ancient bit of wisdom is a good guide: “As the eyes are the mirror to one’s soul, the skin is the mirror to one’s digestive tract.” Cleaning up your digestive tract tends to clean up quite a few skin problems as well. Eat whole foods; avoid processed foods; when possible, eat organic; eat local; get to know your farmers/farms; avoid genetically modified foods and ingredients; if you eat meat, eat organic grass-fed beef and organic, true free-range chickens. But keep in mind that “topical” creams and salves are topical only in the sense that they are applied to the surface of your skin. They do not stay there, they are absorbed—you essentially “eat” them too. So you must consider what you put on your skin as carefully as what you put into your mouth.

Sounds like the Beauty Is Wellness message!

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