Karolina Kurkova Shares Her Beauty Nutrition Secrets

Karolina Kurkova

I love reading celebrities' and models' advice about beauty and diet. Sometimes their ideas are completely crazy, but quite often they are spot on. After years in the business, many models and actresses understand that the foods you put into your body shape your beauty– so they'd better be good!

This week I found a fantastic Style.com interview with model Karolina Kurkova, who recently taught the cast of America's Next Top Model about the necessity of good nutrition for beauty.

Check out her advice, and her favorite healthy eats:

Was focusing on the topic of healthy eating something they brought up or is that more of a personal soapbox?

"A lot of these girls don’t know how to take care of themselves. They have misconceptions that to be a size zero, you can’t eat or you can only have things that are really plain and boring. I definitely can’t live on lettuce and water! I’m very organic; I like to eat natural foods and exercise. You really have to take care of yourself from within. This was an important message for me to get across, especially when I heard that the girls were eating fried Oreos—and they wondered why their skin was so bad! When you eat well, you feel good, and that shows."

Is cooking a passion of yours, then?

"When I’m home, I try to cook as much as I can. I like to prepare healthy meals with quinoa and brown rice, and I snack on fresh nut milk made from scratch. I also love this green fruit smoothie, which I made on the episode. It’s hard to win over girls who are used to eating chips, but they liked it. When I left, I actually gave them the blender and basket of fruit and vegetables as a gift. I’m trying to show them that good food can be tasty. I’ve also been getting into different cookbooks, and I actually just came back from We Care in Palm Spring, where I did a juice cleanse."

Read the full interview here.