Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe


If you're interested in the many ways that your diet and lifestyle affect your appearance, I couldn't recommend David Wolfe's Eating for Beauty more highly. I'm officially calling it a Beauty Is Wellness must-read!

David Wolfe is a nutrition expert and raw foodist who maintains that, with every bite we take, we're mapping out the future makeup of our bodies- down to the cell level. It's an approach that takes the old saying 'You are what you eat,' to the next level.  Eating for Beauty is not a brand new book (published 2007), nor are its concepts groundbreaking (didn't your mom tell you to eat your veggies?), but its information is revolutionary relative to the average views on beauty today. It will completely redefine your views on the foods you eat every day. And it could also completely redefine the way you look!

Whether or not Eating for Beauty entices you to experiment with raw food, you'll take away tons of information that you can apply to your current diet. From alkaline/acid foods to beauty minerals to the importance of enzymes and an encyclopedia of beauty-enhancing fruits and vegetables, I'm willing to bet that this book will become an ongoing reference as you learn to connect beauty with your diet.