Your Chance to Call a Truce with Food



In your lifestyle of beauty, food is a powerful form of pampering. You can practice self-care every single day, three times a day, by nourishing your beauty and body with the foods that repair, renew, and protect. No need to visit the spa to support your beauty.

Sounds simple, but creating this beautiful relationship with food takes a lot of effort for many of us. Making a meaningful, lasting change in your daily habits requires more than just an understanding of beauty foods. To do that you need to end the food battle so you can identify your needs and choose foods that truly nourish you.

If you're wondering where to start, health coach, author, (and my friend!) Ali Shapiro has an amazing coaching program called Truce with Food that gives you the tools to renew your food relationship.

Let Ali help you call your own truce with food and free up powerful energy that you've been using to fight a battle with food that can leave you stressed, hungry, overfull, or carrying extra weight. To join the latest Truce with Food group—in person or via phone call-in—and read more in-depth info about the course, visit Ali's Truce with Food page. The 7-week program begins on April 2, and spots are limited!

Just a small sample of the powerful information you'll take away:

  • New foods that work with versus against your body
  • The 2 key body functions that must be in working order to lose weight (hint: calories are irrelevant)
  • How to simplify eating choices in an era of nutrition information overload
  • How to dramatically reduce your cravings
  • Tools to eliminate self-judgment and self-sabotage
  • Lifestyle organization techniques to rev up your metabolism

Here's what Ali has to say about why we need this information now:

"Last year, when I attended Ted Med, a conference where innovative leaders meet to collaborate on new ideas to solve today’s health crisis, a top scientist stood on stage and explained that one of today’s biggest medical challenges is that there’s more data then ever – but no one is sure how to organize it into valuable meaning. It’s akin to knowing about sugar’s toxicity and harm, but still find yourself buying four boxes (to freeze of course) of Girl Scout thin mints.

What food means to you needs to be understood. Not more data but how are you organizing that information to create your story about food. Are you really that into food? Did you come out of the birth canal frightened at the the fat in breast milk or wondering if your formula was organic?"

Join Ali for a free call on Wednesday, March 13th to learn about the four stages of change necessary to feel different about food and your body. You'll get a taste for her dynamic coaching style and her profound understanding of what it takes to quit fighting with food and start finding the foods that support you, inside and out!

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