The App that Helps You Relax


The constant connectivity made possible by our smartphones can be a major source of stress, but there's a growing number of tech tools that actually help us relax and check out of the hectic world around us—if only for a few moments. My new favorite app for deep breathing and stress relief is Breathe2Relax.


The app, like its name, is really straightforward. A voice prompts you to breathe in as a metronome guides the length of your inhale, and the same for your exhale. The app will take you through up to 16 cycles of deep breathing to help you turn a stressful situation into a zen moment. What's great about Breathe2Relax (besides the fact that you can download it for FREE) is that it's so customizable, from the relaxing images you view during your breathing session, to the background music, to the length of each inhale and exhale.

The app also lets you track your stress levels before and after you deep breathe, and chart those stress levels over time.

It's a great tool to use to lower your cortisol, focus your mind, and reduce aging stress on your body and beauty!

Check out Breathe2Relax for downloads for iPhone and Android.

What's your favorite beauty and health app?

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