Youva Skin Care: There Really is Something in the Water


Quick, grab a few of your skincare products from the cabinet and scan their ingredient lists. What's likely to show up within the first five ingredients of each one? Water, also listed as eau or aqua. If you're like me, you consider water to be a non-ingredient, an essential element of creams and lotions that's just there, like the air we breathe. Turns out, there could be something more to the water in your beauty products...

A new natural skin care line, Youva, just clued me in to the importance of the purity of the water used in our products. Sure, I filter my drinking water with the hope of reducing the presence of environmental contaminants that I gulp down (especially unwanted chemicals like chlorine and prescription drugs, which are known to leach into our water supply). But in skin care? Never thought of it.

Youva goes through extreme lengths to reduce the impurities in the water used in their products (through vortex filtration over quartz and silver), as well as to dissolve as much oxygen as possible into their 'revitalized water.' Both of these steps make the H2O used in Youva products special, because it's more easily integrated by our skin cells.

If you weren't already curious, there are a few more reasons to try Youva. The line uses natural and certified organic ingredients, including a few that are biodynamically-farmed (the deeply moisturizing avocado and macadamia nut oils). The products get my thumbs-up for their elegant feel (nothing crunchy to speak of). Rosemary, a key ingredient in all three Youva products (Your Turn Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Bright Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Bounce Back Collagen Complex) boosts circulation naturally and strengthens delicate capillaries that tend to become fragile and visible with age. And Youva's ocean-extracted marine collagen offers a potent topical source of collagen for skin showing signs of wrinkling and thinning. I also love that the eye cream and moisturizer have healing rosehip and rosehip oil on the ingredient list- these do wonders for repairing skin naturally.


Enjoy them in good health (and hydration!).

Water image: Sean Furstenberg