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A Look Inside the Pages of Eat Pretty Every Day...

This incredibly info-packed volume offers hundreds of beautifying ideas for you to incorporate into your life—one for each day of the year. The inspiration behind the book was you—the readers who have asked me for more ideas, more guidance, and more real-life beauty nutrition strategies since Eat Pretty debuted! I wanted to put as many beautifying ideas as I could into a book that would motivate you every time you picked it up and flipped through its pages. I believe that, even though we all lead busy lives, we can all do one thing every day to nourish our best selves.

The message: do one thing every day to make yourself glow, as the book challenges you!

Inside you'll find more than a simple page-a-day book. Eat Pretty Every Day is organized seasonally, so the ideas you read will more closely match the spirit, intentions, and your personal beauty needs of that season.

Eat Pretty Every Day includes:

  • Beautifying recipes for each season
  • Tips and tricks to make the most of your kitchen time
  • Self-care and mindfulness practices that strongly influence beauty
  • Even more beauty food profiles that expand on Eat Pretty
  • Mantras to bring mindfulness to mealtime
  • Physical activities
  • Weekly beauty challenges
  • Hands-on projects
  • Ideal beauty food pairings
  • A close look at some of the important scientific evidence supporting beauty nutrition
  • So many inspiring ideas—one for every day of every season!

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What others are saying—

Eat Pretty Every Day is a wonderful way to jumpstart a year of beautiful choices, from meals to mindset to self-care.” 

—Frank Lipman, MD, author of 10 Reasons You Feel Old And Get Fat

“This book of beauty-boosting inspirations looks at mind, body and spirit for the secrets to a healthy glow.”

—Jessica Richards, former Vogue stylist and founder of Shen Beauty

“Another stunning book from the gorgeous Jolene Hart. Eat Pretty Every Day— yes please!”

Sophie Uliano, New York Times best-selling author of Gorgeously Green, and Gorgeous for Good; natural beauty & eco-living expert

“Jolene Hart's life's work is to make yours better, and this book will do just that. It will take you through the year with a new outlook: that wellness means making healthy and nourishing choices regularly, and that the benefits you get from them will build over time. Her daily tips are thoroughly researched, smart, and easy to do. If you want more glow and a greater sense of inner peace, this is a perfect place to start.”

—Siobhan O’Connor, Co-Author of No More Dirty Looks and Health Director at TIME Magazine

Eat Pretty Every Day is a true treasure. The impressive diversity and depth of Jolene's wisdom is beautifully illustrated through hundreds of simple, practical, yet powerful, ideas. This little book is hugely inspiring and invaluable to anyone who appreciates a healthy, holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Jolene's delicious recipes, self-care practices and wellness tips will empower you to nourish your mind, body and beauty each and every day!”

—Rebecca Casciano, Makeup Artist, Natural Beauty Expert, and Creator of the Sacred Beauty Salon Series

Eat Pretty Every Day is what all beauty books should be: real information without any fluff. Marketing speak has made us so confused about what to do and eat to feel better and look great, but it's all right here, in Jolene's book. It's so much information presented in a way that is simple and achievable. I've been flipping through it on the daily!”

—Adina Grigore, founder of SW Basics of Brooklyn and author of Skin Cleanse

"With Jolene Hart's book, your skin will never look better."

-Well + Good

"Jolene Hart really delivers great info that makes you think beyond your beauty products and focus on what you’re putting in your body, how much rest your getting, and even your social connections and emotional health. [This Book] Is a great daily reminder to take care of yourself in order to look and feel your best and I’ve learned so much from it already (She’s always so informative!)."

-Molly Hill, Maison Pur