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—Led by certified health coach and Eat Pretty author Jolene Hart—


2019 Eat Pretty Together sessions will resume in the second half of 2019, as Jolene takes a coaching break to write and photograph her next book.

Stay tuned for re-opening date announcements!

            —set goals for your beauty and health, but struggle to make progress?

            —have unanswered questions around health and beauty?

            —crave regular inspiration that you can incorporate into your personal routine?

            —wish to connect more deeply with others who inspire you + keep you on track?

                                                                                                                                                                                    —want to better apply the principles of the Eat Pretty books to your life?

Then I invite you to join this special community of women who are passionate about living a life that allows them to look and feel their best from the inside out!

Wondering what a live session feels like? Below, you can view the recording of the free preview call for Eat Pretty Together. Just to note, the video feeds and chats of other attendees are kept private in this video, so you'll only see me on screen. During the group calls, you'll be able to see all attendees!

Whether you’d like to clear your skin, lose 20 pounds, clean up your diet, have more energy, or just show up to life as your best self, this group coaching program is for you.

Eat Pretty Together will take you, month by month, through building a lifestyle of beauty and bringing to life the core principles of Eat Pretty.

With Jolene as your guide, you'll look at diet, self-care, stress, energy, hormone balance, digestion, sleep, and all of the aspects of day to day life that make a major impact on your beauty & health.

If you haven’t found a way to achieve your beauty and health goals on your own yet, it’s because there's nothing like the support of a coach and a group— and there’s never been a group quite like Eat Pretty Together!

Ready to hear more details? 

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  • Entry into a private community of like-minded individuals.

  • Twice monthly 60-minute live group video calls with Jolene that include expert instruction and dedicated Q&A time.

  • Monthly email deliveries of new recipes and kitchen inspiration.

  • Regular inspiration, support and access to Jolene via the Eat Pretty Together Facebook secret group.*

  • 50% discount on 30- and 60-minute coaching sessions with Jolene during your membership.

  • Momentum and support to reach your goals via group goal-setting and accountability.

  • Opportunity to have your personal questions answered on the group Facebook page, or during the bi-monthly live sessions.

  • Guidance to help you keep your body and skin in balance in each season .

  • The chance to work with Jolene and get her support in building your lifestyle of beauty, at ¼ the cost of one-on-one coaching.

  • After each call, a printable PDF with the session’s goals and your most important action steps, including recipes and self-care practices that will serve you best.

  • Periodic early live calls for members in other time zones.

  • Group networking and collaboration opportunities.

  • A unique membership login and library of session replays, so you can go back and rewatch or catch up at any time if you miss a video session.

  • 30-minute strategy session with Jolene included with every 12-month membership.

*Eat Pretty Together on Facebook is a PRIVATE group, focused on staying connected and answering your questions. Once you join as a member of Eat Pretty Together, you will receive a personal invite from Jolene.

Eat Pretty Together gives you direct access to Jolene for all of your beauty and wellness goals, at only a small fraction of the cost of a one-on-one Beauty Is Wellness coaching program.

Upcoming Monthly Focus Topics: to resume 2nd half of 2019

Love Yourself Happy with DIY Beauty component

This month we’ll explore the science of happiness and satisfaction, with a special focus on do-it-yourself beauty and wellness projects that will enhance your self-care time! Join to bring more joy, pleasure, and satisfaction to the year ahead. 

The Shun Sugar Challenge

With the holidays in our rear view, we’re truly ready to reset our palates and release ourselves from the hold of sugar! Join me this month to see how amazing you look and feel without sugar, and how refreshing it is to be free of sugar cravings. You’ll discover dishes that have their own natural sweetness and develop your own healthy relationship with the sweet stuff.

Reach Your Healthiest Weight *Member-requested topic!*

Here’s the place to tackle weight loss goals in a healthy way, before the arrival of spring! Whether your goal is weight loss or developing a healthier relationship with food, this path to your healthiest weight will be a nourishing, intuitive, and deprivation-free one.  

*Content may be subject to change according to the feedback and needs of the group.


September 2017: Beautiful Beginnings

Your morning routine sets the tone for the way you'll think and feel, and the way your body will act and react, for the entire day ahead. This month you'll learn more about what a beautifying morning routine really looks like, and fine-tune yours to add beauty and energy to your day from the moment it begins. 

October 2017: Gut Health is Skin Health

"All disease begins in the gut," ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wisely said over 2,000 years ago. Especially true when it comes to your beauty! This month, you'll tune up your gut health with a multi-faceted approach to developing and maintaining a happy, healthy microbiome. The result? Increased energy, improved immunity, shedding excess pounds, and truly glowing skin.

November 2017: Minding Your Beauty

This month we'll look at the incredible power of your mind to shape your reality— including your physical body and beauty. We'll discuss the power of mindfulness to influence your hormone balance, and the ability of simple practices like daily gratitude to rewire your brain for positivity. Best of all, we'll talk practical ways you can change your brain to impact your lifelong beauty and health!

December 2017: Sleep: Your Beauty Secret

As we enter nature's season of rest, we'll look at optimizing your beauty sleep by creating and perfecting your bedtime routine and answering all of your sleep-related Qs. We'll also look at the Nobel Prize winning science of circadian medicine and apply it to your life to build your best health and beauty! Quality sleep truly is better for your beauty than the most expensive night cream that money can buy.

January 2018: 2018 Beauty Reset

Start the new year looking and feeling your best by tuning up the beautifying habits in your routine! With the support of Jolene and the wellness-focused women in the Eat Pretty Together community, you’ll have support to get back on track, and inspiration to commit to new— or forgotten— nutrition and self-care practices that will transform your body and beauty.

February 2018: Clear Skin for Good

Still struggling with breakouts? This month we’ll explore the top causes of acne and the habits that work to get your skin back in balance. If you’re ready to heal your skin from the inside out, don’t miss this opportunity to understand your skin better and troubleshoot what might be keeping you from a clear complexion.

March 2018: Eat Pretty with Less Time   *Member-requested topic*

You know what it means to eat well, but your time in the kitchen is short! This month we’ll explore some of the most effective strategies for streamlining meal prep and cooking smarter, not harder. Expect lots of recipes, and tips for getting the most beauty benefits out of everything you buy!

April 2018: Spring Beauty Renewal

As spring arrives, we’ll turn our focus to renewal and detox— both within your body and in your daily routine. We’ll refresh your pantry, your personal care routine, and incorporate beauty foods that naturally strengthen your internal detox processes so you experience a springtime surge of energy and glow!

May 2018: Nourish Happy Hormones    *Member-requested topic*

Learn just how profoundly your hormones influence your beauty and health, as well as your weight, energy, moods, and cravings. We’ll work primarily on understanding key signs of hormone health and dysfunction, while balancing cortisol and estrogen for glowing skin, a healthy cycle, fertility, and your healthiest weight.

June 2018: A Summer Beauty Celebration

Join in June to learn exactly what you need to look and feel your best this summer! We’ll cover the top foods and supplements for sun protection (along with key sun-protective recipes to put into your weekly rotation), the safest suncare products for your skin type, practices and rituals that will help you thrive in this active season, and take a fun foray into the essentials you need to host a summer party, Eat Pretty-style.

July 2018: Diet Detective

Ever wondered if there might be a food or several foods that are negatively impacting your skin and overall health? We’ll discuss the top foods (both widely-known and little-known) that cause problems for skin and beauty. And we’ll discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know about embarking on an elimination diet to pinpoint food intolerances. You’ll get the guidance you need to perform your own elimination challenge over the course of the month (or at a future date), plus additional resources to be certain you’re eating the foods that support your unique body.

August 2018: Rev Up Your Beauty Energy

Your energy introduces you before you even speak. What does yours say to the world? This month we’ll look at the positive and negative sources of energy in our lives— sources that profoundly affect our physical beauty and health. Prepare to see your beauty and body in a new light, and to learn ways to adjust your thoughts, actions, and interactions to live a more beautiful life that creates a ripple effect in the world around you.

September 2018: The Best Skin Ever Challenge

This month, I challenge you to see how deeply you can glow! If you’ve ever wondered how much your diet and lifestyle can change your skin, but you’ve never quite applied changes to your routine, this is the month to commit. As a group, we’ll embark on a month-long challenge based around the top essential foods and habits for clear, healthy skin. As you follow along with our challenge calendar and live sessions, you’ll refresh your routine and finish out the month with your best skin ever.

October 2018: Healthy Holiday Planning *Member-requested topic*

The holiday season is a time of family, friends and FOOD. This month, we’ll look at the some of the keys to make your holiday gatherings, and the holiday season as a whole, more supportive of your overall health and beauty— without removing the fun, tradition, and indulgences. Expect recipes that put a spin on holiday favorites, simple ways to maintain balance during a frenzied season, and the new essentials to staving off illness throughout the fall and winter.

November 2018: Eat Pretty in Autumn & Winter

What should you be buying, cooking, and eating during the cooler months? Get organized, fine-tune your skills, and master a delicious and beautifying lineup of seasonal meals this month.

What's it like working with Jolene? Here's what past clients say:

"I have worked with Jolene for over a year now and I have seen a complete transformation in the appearance of my skin and in the quality of my lifestyle. Together, we have analyzed the most important areas of my daily routine and set realistic goals that have truly made a difference. Jolene's love and support has been invaluable in adjusting to life as a university student!"

— Chloe, Boston

"Ultimately weight loss was my goal, but in achieving weight loss I gained a better sense of myself. Jolene asked me to focus on other things besides the scale and to set small achievable goals...I started feeling better and losing weight but also had more energy and glowing skin. I started to notice my hair and nails growing thicker and stronger. I was eating balanced meals without counting calories or being on a diet. I really was changing my life."

— Lori, PA

“After working with Jolene, I noticed huge differences in my health, moods, and overall appearance. Her program was very thorough, well thought out, and tailored to me.”

—Lucy, UK

“Having Jolene as my coach helped me get clearer skin. But what I didn't expect is that it also inspired me to start so many healthy new habits that make me feel better every day.”

—Meredith, CA

"I found Jolene to be engaging and delightful in addition to a fountain full of practical knowledge on how to incorporate more healthful eating and self care into my routine.  We spent three months together, meeting each week to review my progress, results from implementing suggestions from the prior week, and new challenges.  I was delighted with the many suggestions that Jolene provided (and I considered myself to be pretty educated when it comes to health) and really incorporated almost all of them.  She really tailored her comments for me and my particular issues. "

—Vicki, NYC

"I loved my sessions with Jolene because she is so knowledgable and helpful when trying to come up with solutions. She helped me sift through the information that is everywhere and I found myself really getting excited about foods and I began to think of them for their nutritional value, not just as "bad" or "good." 

—Shannon, NJ

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What are my membership options?

You can join for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, or elect an ongoing monthly membership, which renews until you decide to cancel.

  • 1-8 months: $99 USD/month, billed monthly

  • 12 months or more: $89 USD/month, billed monthly

NOTE: If you enroll mid-month and you've already missed one or more of that month's live sessions, your membership will take effect on the 1st of the following month. You'll still gain access to the Eat Pretty Together FB private group and membership dashboard right away, so you can go back and watch past videos, catch up with content and grocery lists, and get to know the community.

How will I be charged?

After you select your membership length, the credit card you have chosen will be charged monthly for as long as you’ve committed. If you’d like to extend your membership in the group, email or simply opt to renew when you get a reminder that your membership is ending.

What if I need to cancel?

I'm unable to process membership refunds, so please be aware that your membership is a commitment. Please choose the single month membership option, or a smaller membership package, if you're unsure that you will be able to commit.  

When are bi-monthly live calls held?

Eat Pretty Together live video calls take place twice monthly, on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern Time, unless otherwise announced.

Does the program content repeat?

While you’ll find that some common themes come up often in the material (digestion! hormone health! stress reduction!), each month’s group meetings will have a new focus that you can see ahead of time in the timeline on the member page. At the beginning of each new month, the subject lineup for that month will be emailed to you, so you can prep!

What if I can’t listen live?

One of my top reasons for practicing virtual coaching is so I can connect with anyone, pretty much anywhere in the world. But time differences prove to be a challenge for a group and the live meetings for Eat Pretty Together will be at 7pm ET—so, early for those in LA, and late for those in London! Recordings of recent sessions will be available for you to access on your membership page at any point during your membership, so if you miss a session, want to catch up on a month you missed, or just want to go back and rewatch a discussion that you found especially helpful, you can do so. Periodically there will be a live early call to connect with members in other time zones who routinely miss the regular live calls.

Will others be able to hear and see me on the live calls?

Only if you wish. We'll be using Zoom, a video conferencing program that allows us to see and hear each other, if you choose to have a microphone and/or camera enabled. If not, you can turn off those capabilities, or even call into the line via your telephone instead. 


Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP, is a certified health coach who is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician-nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional. Accordingly, Jolene is not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body.

 By joining Eat Pretty Together, you acknowledge that you accept the program terms and conditions.