Would you Try this Facial Workout for an At-Home Facelift?



I've crunched, pumped and bounced along to my share of exercise DVDs, but never have I let my cheeks, jaw and forehead do all the work. That is, until I got my hands on From My Neck Up, a "face and neck exercise program" from LaVie Organique founder Lavinia Borcau.

Here's the lowdown on the workout:

From My Neck Up focuses on rebuilding the mimetic, or expression, muscles. Because these muscles are directly attached to the skin, increasing their mass and firmness tightens and tones your face, neck, and jaw line...By improving blood flow, these exercises will also help stimulate collagen production, returning strength and radiance to your skin.

Take one look at Lavinia and you'll want to know her anti-aging secret (is it her organic skincare line, her regular face and neck workouts...or a little of both?). Lavinia has over 20 years of experience as an esthetician, spa owner, product developer, and she holds the most advanced professional skin care degree in the world: the CIDESCO International Diploma from Switzerland. Her face and neck exercise program is natural and noninvasive, and scientifically-based. All that was enough to persuade me to give it a try.

If you're European, you might be more familiar with the concept of facial exercise, at least according to the DVD, which touts the 'tradition' of facial rehabilitation exercises and the 'classic European facelift.' Personally, I had to suspend my giggles and gather up plenty of patience to get through the exercise regimen, which feels tedious at times.

In the end, I didn't break a sweat, but I did feel increased circulation to my face and come away with sore cheek muscles—and, I suppose, that's a sign of a facial workout well-executed. If I keep it up, I could prevent sagging and loss of tone in later years.

So—would you try a face and neck exercise program? Have you done one before?

Do you swear by any facial exercises of your own?

I'd love to hear your stories!

You can purchase the 'From My Neck Up' DVD online at lavie-organique.com for $49.99.