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Welcome! You’re invited to become a member of Eat Pretty Together,

a global group of women who meet virtually to learn, share, and support our collective health & beauty.

—Led by Jolene Hart, a certified health coach, author of the Eat Pretty book series, and Unite for HER Beauty & Wellness Advisor—

Upcoming Monthly Focus Topics:

August 2018: Rev Up Your Beauty Energy

Session dates: August 8 & 22 — 7PM Eastern via Zoom video conference

Your energy introduces you before you even speak. What does yours say to the world? This month we’ll look at the positive and negative sources of energy in our lives— sources that profoundly affect our physical beauty and health. Prepare to see your beauty and body in a new light, and to learn ways to adjust your thoughts, actions, and interactions to live a more beautiful life that creates a ripple effect in the world around you.

September 2018: The Best Skin Ever Challenge

Session dates: September 11 & 25 — 7PM Eastern via Zoom video conference

This month, I challenge you to see how deeply you can glow! If you’ve ever wondered how much your diet and lifestyle can change your skin, but you’ve never quite applied changes to your routine, this is the month to commit. As a group, we’ll embark on a month-long challenge based around the top essential foods and habits for clear, healthy skin. As you follow along with our challenge calendar and live sessions, you’ll refresh your routine and finish out the month with your best skin ever.

October 2018: Healthy Holiday Planning *Member-requested topic!*

Session dates: October 9 & 30 — 7PM Eastern via Zoom video conference

The holiday season is a time of family, friends and FOOD. This month, we’ll look at the some of the keys to make your holiday gatherings, and the holiday season as a whole, more supportive of your overall health and beauty— without removing the fun, tradition, and indulgences. Expect recipes that put a spin on holiday favorites, simple ways to maintain balance during a frenzied season, and the new essentials to staving off illness throughout the fall and winter.

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What if I can’t listen live?

One of my top reasons for practicing virtual coaching is so I can connect with anyone, pretty much anywhere in the world. But time differences prove to be a challenge for a group and the live meetings for Eat Pretty Together will be at 7pm ET—so, early for those in LA, and late for those in London! Recordings of our most recent sessions will be available for you to access on your membership page at any point during your membership, so if you miss a session, want to catch up on a month you missed, or just want to go back and rewatch a discussion that you found especially helpful, you can do so. Periodically there will be a live early call to connect with members in other time zones who routinely miss the regular live calls.

Will others be able to hear and see me on the live calls?

Only if you wish. We'll be using Zoom, a video conferencing program that allows us to see and hear each other, if you choose to have a microphone and/or camera enabled. If not, you can turn off those capabilities, or even call into the line via your telephone instead. 

What's it like working with Jolene? Here's what past clients say:

"Ultimately weight loss was my goal, but in achieving weight loss I gained a better sense of myself. Jolene asked me to focus on other things besides the scale and to set small achievable goals...I started feeling better and losing weight but also had more energy and glowing skin. I started to notice my hair and nails growing thicker and stronger. I was eating balanced meals without counting calories or being on a diet. I really was changing my life."

— Lori, PA

“After working with Jolene, I noticed huge differences in my health, moods, and overall appearance. Her program was very thorough, well thought out, and tailored to me.”

—Lucy, UK

"I found Jolene to be engaging and delightful in addition to a fountain full of practical knowledge on how to incorporate more healthful eating and self care into my routine.  We spent three months together, meeting each week to review my progress, results from implementing suggestions from the prior week, and new challenges.  I was delighted with the many suggestions that Jolene provided (and I considered myself to be pretty educated when it comes to health) and really incorporated almost all of them.  She really tailored her comments for me and my particular issues. "

—Vicki, NYC

"I loved my sessions with Jolene because she is so knowledgable and helpful when trying to come up with solutions. She helped me sift through the information that is everywhere and I found myself really getting excited about foods and I began to think of them for their nutritional value, not just as "bad" or "good." 

—Shannon, NJ


Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP, is a certified health coach who is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician-nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional. Accordingly, Jolene is not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body.

 By joining Eat Pretty Together, you acknowledge that you accept the program terms and conditions.