My Beauty Is Wellness coaching practice is not just a job, it's part of my personal journey of discovery with beauty nutrition and natural products.

I’ve always connected my diet and lifestyle with my mood and energy, but it was a very personal discovery process for me to link the appearance of my skin to my overall wellness as well.  As a beauty writer at a national fashion magazine (every girl’s dream job, I was reminded almost daily) I began in earnest to try and clear up the ever-angry, broken out, lackluster skin that I had struggled with for years. Beauty was my job, but even with access to every product and treatment that you can name, I still could not get my skin under control. You name it, I tried it, including a well-publicized skincare system, prescription topicals and antibiotics, and every over-the-counter treatment under the sun. I remember receiving a facial and having the esthetician tell me (once she had removed my expertly-applied layer of concealer and foundation): “Your skin is much worse than it looks.”

Around the same time, I began passionately exploring natural beauty products, even though they didn’t get much attention in the magazine. I grew up eating organic foods, so I was already very aware of environmental toxins. But when I started looking at labels and discovering the parabens, phthalates and petrochemicals that I was applying to my skin daily, I was in shock. I could no longer recommend these products to readers and feel good about it. I left my position and started working exclusively with natural and organic beauty products as a writer and natural beauty expert.  I overhauled my lifestyle and returned to a nutritious, whole food diet, cutting out the skin saboteurs that had been creating inflammation, digestive unrest and insulin spikes in my body. I de-stressed and swapped out my regimen of toxic beauty for natural alternatives. And guess what happened? I felt more energetic- and the improvement in my skin was drastic! The changes that I made to my diet and lifestyle achieved what no acne treatment could. Two year later, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified Beauty & Health Coach, with the goal of helping other women who are struggling with their skin to look and feel their best, naturally. And today I spread the word that nutrition and lifestyle connect to every single beauty issue, not just acne.

The beauty-nutrition connection may seem obvious now, but I grew up reading in teen magazines that dermatologists (including my own) confirmed that there was no link between diet and acne.  Today we know that’s untrue. A well-known dermatologist and anti-aging expert recently said to me “Acne is a systemic problem.” How refreshing to hear those words! And the fix for that problem begins inside. I’m so excited to share this message daily with my clients and readers at Beauty Is Wellness.

I hope you'll join me in the beauty nutrition revolution!






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